Our Materials

Quality at every level is a top priority at Handelsturm.de. Our products are made from natural materials like kapok, wood and buckwheat. We care about the future and therefore choose to use a lot of sustainable natural materials. We dream of life, work, and relaxation spaces in harmony with nature.


Kapok (silk-cotton) is a plant fibre that is harvested from the Ceiba tree. It is light, hygienic, hypoallergenic, insulating, very buoyant, breathable, resilient, and environmentally friendly. Kapok filled products have their own rather firm feel and supportive quality, much unlike foam or cotton filled products.

Kapok is a very light natural hollow fibre, from the fruit of the Kapok tree. It has some great advantages over other filling materials: Kapok has a heat and moisture regulating effect. The fibre is coated with a layer of wax. Therefore it absorbs almost no moisture. This is why it is often used for boat cushions.

The Kapok fibre itself does not provide a living environment or breeding ground for mites and other insects. The filling provides a comfortable firmness that keeps the cushions in shape. Kapok is quite durable. The cultivation and the harvest from wild growth are very sustainable and environmentally friendly. No chemicals needed!


The therapeutic properties of buckwheat spelt are well-known and have been documented for more than 900 years. Filled into a pillow, cushion or mattress, buckwheat spelt adapts to the shape of the human body perfectly, creating the best support. Its natural characteristics are regulating temperature and moisture by supporting ideal air circulation.

This is why buckwheat mats are especially popular with people who suffer from excessive sweating. Compared to other spelt, buckwheat husks create only little noise when being moved around. Our buckwheat products are manufactured by a small, family-owned business that has been specializing on buckwheat products for generations.

We also offer a small selection of Millet and Spelt Pillows.


Tatami are usually known as the classic Japanese floor Tatami. They consist mainly of Soft Rush/Igusa Grass. Due to the versatility of this material, however, other products can also be produced, like rollable and foldable mats, seats and cushions. Tatami is a natural product, dirt repellent and easy to clean. Initially greenish in colour, the material turns yellow over the years. Older Tatami are considered particularly precious in Asia - it is said they have a history.


Our small furniture and living accessories are made of fine plantation woods and are not from endangered forests. We use fast growing wood like Albizia Saman. The workshops we have selected in the Thai border area to Laos and Burma have a special understanding of old craftsmanship. The furniture is partly decorated with carvings, carefully handcrafted with natural finishes.